How a Simple Coupon Can Save $1000s on Your Next Car

car dealership

We’ve all been there. That sleek new vehicle that you’ve been eyeing for weeks awaits a few more signatures and a couple more awkward moments before the deal is signed. Yet once the salesman presents the final documents, you’re heart skips a beat. Thousands in hidden fees? Compliance fees? Preparation fees? And even floor plan fees?

The universal truth is that few of us enjoy the process of buying a car, thanks in part to these fees and other hassles. Scenes like the one described above are a primary driver for the creation of NJ Car Coupon. In order to better the car buying experience while at the same time build exposure for NJ’s top dealers, we partnered with and The Star Ledger to bring you exclusive car coupons.

Ready to learn how to save when buying a car?

More Than Just Searching Through Car Listings

car dealership

We’re different than the standard car site. Most of them end up being nothing more than a search engine for inventory. But thanks to our network of NJ dealerships, our site grants you access to unpublished coupon deals that save you thousands.

We understand that car buyers like yourself need a better method for saving. Creating a map of dealers, spending hours driving to each lot, and test driving multiple duds is nobody’s idea of efficiency. Even with the greatest price estimating websites and market research, there have been relatively few ways to remove the hassle and stress from guaranteeing a great deal.

car savings in nj

A majority of car websites are great for searching inventory, but not for finding savings. The occasional oil change coupon may be advertised from time to time, but in reality there has not been a worthwhile Groupon-like website for cars. Until now.

Select a Car Coupon. Guarantee Savings with a Specialist. Never Overpay.

car discounts

NJ Car Coupon came about thanks to Lyn Hill (President of NJ Car Coupon), who decided to create a way to use coupons for one of life’s biggest purchases. That next automobile. Whether it’s a restored muscle car or a brand new coup, she decided to build a site that saves.

We all have used coupons at some point. Whether it be for groceries or a regular oil change. But where the real savings lie are with the thousands in overpaid dollars for used and new cars. Many of these costs come about after the purchase. On average, Americans overpay for auto insurance by $368 per year. And let’s not get started with repair costs…

Not only do our car coupons shave thousands off the buying price, but options for financing and ongoing repair costs continue to keep cash in your pocket for years to come.

By partnering with NJ’s most well-respected dealerships, NJ Car Coupon provides users with a way to find exclusive (unpublished) auto coupons. Issued directly from the dealer, our coupons save you thousands on price, service and maintenance.

car savings in nj

A Local Guide to Help You Save on Car Costs

We all need to get by with a little help from our friends and neighbors. Which is why we created a dedicated call center based right here in NJ. Our NJ Car Coupon Specialists are here to help guarantee your savings. No longer will you go in alone when it comes to finding savings at the dealership.

Thanks to our network of dealers who work directly with our specialists, everyone is on the same page and there is never a hassle or surprise.  Certain sites will provide users with a certificate, yet once they visit the dealership that piece of paper holds no weight. Our specialists will be there to guarantee that your coupon savings are finalized.

What Are You Waiting For?

By heading over to NJ Car Coupon, you can start saving immediately. Our site requires no membership fee or access fee to get started. And as you use our service, we’ll reward you along the way!

Simply request a coupon quote or call a specialist to guarantee a coupon, and you’re entered to win. This August we’re giving away a $25 gas card each week (and a larger prize at the end of the month). We all use coupons for thing like groceries and local deals, so isn’t about time we save when buying a car?

car coupons

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