If You Don’t Use These Tools, You’re Probably Overpaying for Your Car

save on new cars

Deception is often a part of buying a new car. Whether it be from a random Craigslist post or an unassuming used car lot, there is always a chance that someone is deliberately trying to overcharge you for your vehicle. In many ways, buying your next car can feel like riding on a dodgy road filled with potholes. You’re eventually going to hit one.

But it doesn’t always have to be like this. Thanks to the wealth of resources available on your smartphone or laptop, the power to find a great deal on your next vehicle is greater than ever. What if I told you that just by using your Internet browser, you could save thousands on that next car? It’s not a pipe dream. It’s a real benefit from having access to customer feedback, dealership reviews, and market price research in the palm of your hand.

So without further ado, here are the top ways to use the Internet to save thousands on your next car:

car savings in nj

1. Online Reviews Help Find a Trustworthy Dealer

Anyone that has bought anything from Amazon, understands the power of user reviews. Feedback delivered by actual customers, is the best way to truly gauge the quality of a product without ever touching it. And thanks to Google Reviews and companies like Yelp, customer reviews are a major part of purchasing a product or using a service. With Google, you simply search for a dealer and look to the right side of the page for their reviews.

This all applies to car dealerships and even auto-shops. Simply search for a potential car dealer and read through several reviews. Do this for multiple dealerships and create a list of the best options. Focus on reviews that discuss customer service or the quality of the sales team. Here’s an example of one of our own NJ Car Coupon partnered dealerships:

best car dealerships in nj

2. Car Search Engines with Tons of Inventory

In today’s iPhone and Android driven age, there is no need to waste a trip to the dealership to physically view inventory. Rather than waste time traveling to dozens of dealer lots and peering through locked windows to check out the center console, you should search through entire inventories online.

Websites like Cars.com and AutoTrader.com have been around for decades. Their service is free, and you can search for any type of new or used vehicle. While the information is somewhat limited, it is a great place to start. Pricing can vary, so it is best to keep a running catalog of potential vehicles that fit your needs. While this is a valuable resource, you should always double check listed pricing with additional tools. (Which we’ll get into now!).

search for cars online

3. Conduct Your Own Price Research

Thanks to the work of organizations like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds, consumers have a tool to combat misleading vehicle pricing. Ever since the Model T, there has been a used car salesman ready to pedal that vehicle for 20% more than its worth. Luckily with KBB and Edmunds, car shoppers like you can do some background research on the price of a potential car backed by reliable data.

If a 2004 Toyota Camry with over 100,000 miles is listed at over $7000-$8500, you may not be getting the best price. That average price is directly from Kelley Blue Book.

real cost of cars

These Tools Lead to Better Vehicles… But Where Are the Savings?

Just by using these straight forward tools prior to meeting with a dealer, shoppers like you can avoid wasting thousands on overpriced cars. Yet while these tools are great for research, they do not lead to any concrete savings.

car savings in nj

Luckily there’s NJ Car Coupon. The only site with exclusive car coupons that save you thousands on price, maintenance and other car costs. There are even dedicated car coupon specialists that can walk you through the process over the phone. Within minutes you can receive a guaranteed car coupon, all available without a membership fee or access fee.

Find out how car coupons work!

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