What NJ Drivers Need to Know: The Week’s Top Stories for 8/29

nj highways and roads

For NJ Drivers, every week brings a flurry of traffic jams, construction issues, and other obstacles in the way of their pursuit of happiness. Which is why we’re bringing you weekly updates on the biggest new stories for NJ drivers. No longer will you be in the dark!

This week saw scandals at local NJ dealerships. A fatal day for NJ highways. And Uber’s legal challenge to bring its business to Hoboken. Here are the biggest stories you need to know this week:

A Deadly Week for NJ Highways

Another wake up call to drive safely, regardless of the road conditions. Six people were fatally injured in three separate accidents on Wednesday. The second and third accidents were likely caused by the first, where a dump truck careened into a Honda sedan on I-280 in East Orange. Three people were killed in that crash alone.

The second and third crashes involved a 21-year-old motorcyclist on I-80, and an unidentified driver of a 2000 Dodge Ram on a separate section of I-280. Our hearts go out to the families affected by these multiple tragedies.

Remember to drive safe and be alert. If you are tired at the wheel, pull over and rest. If you’re late to an appointment take it easy on the gas. It’s not worth the potential risk to yourself and others.

NJ Dealership Sold Flooded Hurricane Sandy Cars

flooded cars nj

In Freehold, a used car dealership was caught selling seven separate vehicles that were previously flooded during Hurricane Sandy. As many may know, flooded vehicles suffer from serious issues that sometimes surface months or years down the road.

The operator of the dealership and another employee were arrested on charges of theft by deception and tampering with public records, respectively. They must also pay back the customers in full, on top of potentially going to prison for up to three years.

Watch out for scams people. In this case the schemers created fake titles to sell the vehicles. The vehicles themselves were purchased via auction, solely for the parts alone not as a functioning car.

Uber Still Illegal in Hoboken

uber nj

Popular mobile app Uber is facing obstacles throughout the country when it comes to operating legally. Uber is a smartphone application ‘providing access to vehicles for hire’. In Hoboken, NJ for instance, the app is prohibited. In several instances drivers have been pulled over and passengers told to order a cab instead. In other cases Hoboken law enforcement cited a driver for not having a first aid kit and fire extinguisher in the vehicle.

In terms of the wider laws regulating Uber’s operations, Hoboken municipal code outlining the operation of taxis effectively bars them from expanding to the area. The exact section of the law that impacts Uber states that it is, “unlawful for a non-licensed taxicab to pick up or accept a passenger within the city for a destination within the city limits…”

Uber drivers simply sign up to be driver after an approval process and vehicle inspections. Taxis on the other hand must shell out considerable amounts of cash to become licensed. Let’s hope that Uber and NJ local government can work something out!

What To Know While On the Road in NJ

Those were the top three stories we felt you should hear about this week. Let us know if we missed anything in the comments section! And be sure to visit NJ Car Coupon for savings on buying your next car or maintaining your current one. That way you won’t have to worry about Uber getting you around!


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