Why NJ Car Salesmen Don’t Have It That Easy

nj car salesman

For years it has become common to throw a used car salesmen under the bus. And it’s even been recorded by a Gallup poll on honesty and ethics, where car salesmen were ranked third to last.

But in reality this is an unfair portrayal. Car salesmen are salesmen and dealerships are businesses like any other. Except that car dealerships are dealing with millions in inventory, and it is often difficult to turn a profit. While many residents buying a new car in NJ have been burned by dealerships in the past, it is unfair to group all salesmen together, 

NJ Dealerships Find It Hard to Turn a Profit

According to a recent Marketwatch article, the average car shopper overestimates the amount of profit a dealership makes after a sale. Many people guessed that dealerships make 20% on the sale of a vehicle. In reality that number is closer to 10%.

That low-ball prediction may be in part due to the dissatisfaction many shoppers have in regards to the customer service of a dealership. It also shows that there is a definite disconnect between dealerships and customers, especially when it comes to transparency of pricing.

This is one of the main reasons NJ Car Coupon was founded. We knew there was a way to improve the dealer/buyer relationship. Which is why we created a dedicated call center in NJ. This way our users have a personal representative to the dealership. No more doubts, and no more haggling.

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