How NJ Law and Regulation Protects Car Buyers

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Buying a car can make most people feel like the world is against them. While for many people, that is almost always true, it doesn’t have to be like that. With enough preparation and patience, you can make sure you avoid paying hidden fees, ending up with a dud, or paying too much. But sadly not everyone has the time to do so.

Which is why there are essential laws on a state and national level that protect car buyers. Like any business, car dealers must abide by certain laws and regulations in New Jersey. So next time you feel weighed down by the weight of the world, remember that at least the law will have your back!

Lemon Law Protects You Against Buying a Dud

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One of the most essential laws for protecting car buyers is the interestingly named ‘Lemon Law’. What Lemon Law does in laymen’s terms is protect buyers from purchasing defective vehicles through required warranties. Here is a description of the law in detail from eHow:

“The New Jersey lemon law requires used vehicles with 24,000 miles or fewer to have a dealer warranty of 90 days or 3,000 miles (90/3,000), whichever comes first. Vehicles exceeding 24,000 miles but with fewer than 60,000 must come with 60/2,000 coverage. Vehicles with 60,000 to 100,000 miles have a 30/1,000 requirement. Dealers do not have to cover vehicles that cost less than $3,000, are seven model years or older, are classified a complete loss by the insurer or have odometer readings exceeding 100,000 miles.”

An important point to remember is that vehicles under $3,000 are not protected by this law. So when purchasing a commuter vehicle or just something to get around town, you may be on your own if that car breaks down.  

Preventing Deceptive Car Advertising in NJ

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Car dealerships cannot lie when it comes to describing a vehicle’s quality on TV, online or in print. A recent story  uncovered how some dealerships were purchasing ‘for parts’ vehicles that were damaged in Hurricane Sandy, and selling them off as functional vehicles. They ended up having to repay each customer in full, on top of potential jail time up to three years with thousands in fines.

According to state Attorney General John Hoffman:

“Important facts that a consumer needs to make an informed buying decision, such as past accident history, cannot be omitted or withheld by auto dealerships…”

So you can rest easy to know that if you do end up being duped by car dealership advertising, the law will have your back and reimburse your funds. In a recent case, eight different NJ dealerships were found guilty of deceptive advertising practices. The state laid down a $1.8 million fine.

You Need to Be Proactive During Your Car Search!

While NJ law and regulation can protect you to a certain level, nothing beats due diligence. Before signing off on a new car with a  dealership, do your research. Make sure you explore customer reviews, the dealer’s social media page, and compare offered prices to the market averages on Edmunds and Kelley Blue Book.

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