What NJ Drivers Need to Know: The Week’s Top Stories for 9/5

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Welcome back to NJCarNews! We have another sling of updates for local NJ drivers and car buyers. It’s the first week after Labor Day, so many of us are a little down about summer coming to an end…

Remember to look at the bright side! At least your car didn’t get stolen while trying to sell it on Craigslist. And now you have futuristic connected cars to help you drive safer and more efficient!

Here are the biggest news stories for NJ drivers this week:

The Future of Cars: Wireless Wheels and Connected Cars

connected smart cars

Ever since the introduction of the Model T, inventors and innovators have tried to improve cars. Fast forward to over a hundred years, and we increased the Model T’s top speed from 45 mph to a Bugatti Veyron’s top speed of 267 mph. But sadly MPG has stayed the same (Model T’s got 25 MPG and could run on ethanol).

In 2014, we’re innovating to the point of removing a person’s need to even operate the vehicle. Automated cars that communicate with each on the road are already on the road, but not ready for mass-production.

A recent Economist article explored the importance of ‘connected cars’ that can reduce auto-related deaths, reduce pollution, and even help preserve public roads. There are even companies working on smart roadways equipped with ‘traffic management systems’ that direct the flow of traffic.

When NJ Craigslist Car Sales Go Bad…

selling cars on craigslist

Another reason to be extremely careful when selling a car to strangers. This past Tuesday a Secaucus woman was hoping to sell her car through Craigslist. So she drove to a local shopping center to meet a prospective buyer for her Chevy Tahoe.

While showing the man the body of the car, she turned her back for a second and the potential buyer turned into a thief. She accidentally left the keys in the ignition and he took the opportunity and ran with it.

Be careful out there people. If you don’t feel comfortable selling cars to strangers, look out for our newest auto program ‘Sell Your Car’ (more to come soon!).

NJ Car Dealer Fires Employee Over Religious Views

nj car dealerships

At a local Mount Holly, NJ used car dealership called CarSense, a manager was reportedly fired for refusing to participate in Bible Study and other forced religious actions. Now the fired manager has issued a civil rights suit against the car dealership.

While there is nothing wrong with religious practice that is voluntary, there is a definite gray area in terms of an employer enforcing religious practice on employees. The owner and CEO of CarSense have cited the employee yelling at other employees as the reason for termination.

As with any suit, the reality of the situation has yet to be cleared up or even debated. So we can’t pass judgment here.

Enjoy Your Weekend NJ Drivers!

Thanks for stopping by the NJCarNews blog. We’ll have another slew of stories for you at the end of next week. So until then, stay tuned for our daily posts, have a great weekend, and drive safe.


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