How Apple Plans to Take Over Your Car

carplay nj

This week was a huge week for Apple fans.

For months people have been waiting for a September announcement of a potential new iPhone and even an Apple smart-watch. On top of the releases for pedestrians, Apple also had a slew of updates regarding their in-car entertainment and control system.

Apple is officially heading to your center console. Dubbed CarPlay, Apple is hoping to innovate the driving experience in the same way they changed communication and computing.  But for now the system is only available in a Ferrari… but there is hope!

Pioneer Electronics is planning to create an infotainment setup that can harness CarPlay within a minivan.  So even NJ drivers who buy a used car, they can retrofit their vehicle. To help you decide if CarPlay would even interest you as a driver, here is a breakdown of its top features and functions.

Available Models for Apple CarPlay

CarPlay models

While the average NJ driver does not own a Ferrari, there is no reason to fret. Within the next year brands like Honda, Mercedes-Benz, Hyundai, and BMW are among the list of new models to offer CarPlay as an added feature.

As Apple continues to assert itself as a leader in mobile technology, it makes sense that they would build “the best iPhone experience on four wheels.” Siri voice control, a touchscreen center console, and more are designed to replicate the iPhone experience inside a moving vehicle.

One of the most important features is the updated version of Apple Maps. This will be the central navigation system for CarPlay. Apple Maps can be controlled by voice control, and so can making a phone call or sending a text message. And of course there’s iTunes to help you rock out while driving.

connect iphone to car

In the past drivers throughout NJ and the United States have been stuck with Bluetooth connections, AUX cables, and even cassette adapters. Now they have an option to bring their driving experience into the digital age with iPhone, Apple Maps, Siri, and other apps through CarPlay.

Alpine and Pioneer Get Involved with Apple

carplay iphone

If you can’t afford a Ferrari, do not worry! The CarPlay release will also offer opportunities for the automotive industry to create custom CarPlay setups in any car. Industry leaders such as Pioneer Electronics and Alpine, who are veterans in the car console market, have partnered with Apple to offer custom setups for any and all vehicles.

Other Movers in the Car-Tech Space

tesla nj

Although Apple is currently in the spotlight when it comes to car technology, there are definite competitors and early movers in the space. Microsoft partnered with Ford for their in-car Sync technology. Tesla has incorporated a stunning flat panel touch screen as their center console. When it comes to modern technology inside a vehicle, things are getting pretty exciting.

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