The Top Driving Pet Peeves in New Jersey

nj drivers on turnpikeNew Jersey drivers are used to the craziness of the road. With the 172 mile long Garden State Parkway, and the endless spider-web of exits and U-turns, driving in this state is a serious source of frustration. Most Jersey natives even have a go-to list of the things they hate most on the road. And aside from the ultimate pet peeve of paying too much in hidden fee for your vehicle, drivers have a lot of misbehaving to deal with.

A recent Progressive survey asked 1,700 people across the nation, what their biggest driving pet peeves were. So what do other drivers do that really make New Jersey angry?

At the top of many respondent’s list were using a cellphone, cutting people off, weaving in between lanes, and misuse of the turn signal. Most men cited cellphone talking. And at the top of women’s lists were lane cutters. In conclusion, Americans hate seeing distracted drivers and the result of them not focusing on the road.

With many researchers saying that texting and driving for instance, is deadlier than driving drunk, drivers should second guess there decision to pick up the phone.

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