How to Save on Your Next Car and Avoid Paying Too Much

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Despite the smartphones in our pocket and constant connection to apps and websites, searching for a car is still a challenge. Finding that great deal has become a bit easier but the traditional pitfalls are still there. Hidden fees, pushy salespeople, and broken vehicles are still common place.

The best way to avoid these issues (aside from using NJ Car Coupon to search for exclusive savings) is to take your time and focus on the details. Have you accurately assessed your budget? Do you understand the terms of potential financing packages? And have you considered the value of trading in your current car?

These are all questions that NJ car shoppers must ask themselves before signing off on a vehicle. By putting the following points into action, NJ car shoppers will save more at the dealership.

1. Acknowledge Your Personal Budget

Prior to considering potential models and assessing dealerships, you need to be honest with yourself when it comes to a budget. Look at your financial situation and create a budget that will narrow your car search. Rather than dangle expensive vehicles in front of your nose, block them out completely!

Focus on a realistic purchase, and your search (as well as your wallet) will be much better off.

2. Do Not Ignore the Long Term Cost

As with any big decision, it is crucial to think long term. Before making a final decision on your next car, keep in mind the potential resale value for that car down the road. Look into the residual value of a potential vehicle and use that as a pro, or con, for that specific vehicle.

While it may feel like you’re jumping the gun, in reality it can only help your next car buying experience down the road. Also pay attention to the impact a new vehicle will have on your insurance costs. A worst case scenario would involve being burdened by excessively high insurance payments thanks to a new car.

Red sports cars and expensive luxury vehicles will almost always raise your rates. Whereas family minivans and smaller safer sedans are usually lower.

3. Have Top NJ Dealerships Compete with Better Offers

A time tested method for getting a great deal, centers on visiting multiple dealerships. By speaking to several salespeople and gathering various offers, you can gain control of negotiations. NJ car shoppers can leverage a lower price offered by another dealership, as a way to drive down the price for that same make and model elsewhere.

Once you decide on an ideal make and model, research the listed price on Kelley Blue Book or Edmunds, and potentially start a bidding war with competing dealerships. While this may not always work, as it does involve time and effort, it is worth a try.

4. Consider the Value of a Trade In at NJ Dealerships

One of the biggest myths in car shopping is that you always make more money selling a car privately. In reality, trading in a vehicle as you buy a new car can sometimes be a better alternative. When trading in a car to a dealership, the seller benefits from tax savings that go directly towards the purchase of the new vehicle.

If you get a great offer from a trusted dealer who you are also purchasing a car from, you should to trade in. Other benefits from trading in to dealerships include:

  • Financed vehicles can be traded in, and the dealer will pay off the balance.
  • Avoiding the chance of buyers who pester you after purchase.
  • Ridding yourself of the need to deal with strangers online.
  • Convenience in terms of the speed of the transaction

5. Inquire About Special Offers and Discounts

On many dealer websites, there is usually a special offers section. Be sure to research potential dealerships and find out about these offers before you get there.

Auto manufacturers will offer specific marketing discounts to dealerships for models that aren’t selling as quickly as they’d like. These offers are not usually announced publicly, which is a way to avoid effecting the market price of those vehicles.

While such offers are not a part of dealer advertising, these savings do exist. You just have to dig deep enough. With enough haggling and inquiries, car shoppers can eventually unearth these price cuts. While it is time intensive and requires travelling to multiple dealerships, it does lead to savings.

If You Have the Time and Determination, You Can Save Big

If you don’t have the time to visit multiple dealerships, assess their reviews, and inquire about hidden deals, do not stress. This is the reason why NJ Car Coupon was founded. We have expertly trained specialists who maintain direct relationships with NJ’s top dealerships. This places them in a unique position to find out about hidden deals and offers.

Call a specialist today at 732-749-7008 to find out more. Good luck with your car shopping! New Jersey!


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