What NJ Drivers Need to Know: Last Week’s Top Stories for 9/22

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As each week passes by, it’s becoming more evident that science fiction is turning into reality. Especially when it comes to hitting the road. Whether its projection technology that turns your windshield into a smartphone display, or the potential for vehicles powered by smart computers, the future of driving is looking very bright.

In this week’s ‘What Drivers Need to Know’ we’ll be looking at the awesome potential of driving technology, as well as a sobering look at the reality of NJ’s roads. There is a lot of optimism for where the future will take the world of cars and drivers. But there are definite limitations that governments and companies will need to overcome in order to establish that bright future.

Now here are the top stories of the week for NJ drivers.

Smart Cars That Drive Themselves Are 5 Years Away

While there is a definite buzz around the potential of smarter cars that can drive themselves, one man says that we’re still far from making this a reality. Elon Musk, founder of PayPal and head of electronic vehicle manufacturer Tesla, stated that the world is still 5 to 6 years away from having such cars hit the road.

Many researchers have touted various benefits from automated cars, such as: traffic relief, less damage to roads, and fewer fatal accidents. But before these benefits are realized, Musk believes that “various technologies are needed to make that happen.” Mainly the advanced cameras, motion sensors, and computers needed to automate a vehicle without a driver at the wheel.

With Google, Mercedes and Audi leading the way when it comes to self-driving cars, that prediction by Musk may very well come true.

Turn Your Windshield Into a Smart Screen

One of the biggest dangers of new car technology is distracted drivers. Whether its texting a friend, using a navigation system, or even headsets, new gadgets and features can often lead to accidents. And despite the flurry of texting and driving or cellphone laws, the problem still persists.

This important issue led to the creation of a new device by California startup Navdy. The company built a device that places “navigation, message, calls and more right where the driver is already looking.” Navdy essentially turns part of your windshield into a digital display. Also known as a head-up display (HUD).

Navdy also built their own app that can easily connect to a smartphone or tablet. Drivers can control the device with voice command, adding to the hands free element. Here’s a concept image of the product in action:

navdy projection

Would you be interested in Navdy? Once it’s released, we’ll more than likely offer potential discounts on NJ Car Coupon (so stay tuned!).

NJ Spends More on State Roads Than Any Other State

While most of this week’s top stories were optimistic about our bright future, we still have to bring things down to earth from time to time with a small dose of reality. A recent study by the Reason Foundation, found that New Jersey spends “the most money per mile on its state roads, even though they rank near the bottom in terms of their overall condition.”

Researchers found that the Garden State invests $2 million on maintenance for every mile of state roads and $44,000 per mile in administration costs. Yet the quality of NJ roads ranks 48th in the entire United States. In terms of states that get the most bang for their buck on public roads, Wyoming, Nebraska and South Dakota came in first, second and third.

Before New Jersey drivers can enjoy Jetson-like technology inside their car, the state needs to get working when it comes to a future without potholes and endless construction projects.

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