How to Use Social Media to Pick the Right NJ Dealership

nj car dealerships on social Feedback and reviews are central to how people choose to do business in today’s world. And just like any other business, NJ car dealerships are embracing social media to connect with their customers. Using social media, which is the largest space for customers to share their thoughts, can lead to a better car buying experience.

Whether it’s surveying each dealerships Facebook page or Twitter account, or combing through Google Local reviews, social media can help you make car buying a positive experience. By using nothing more than your own personal social account, you can find out which dealerships offer quality vehicles and customer service without ever driving to the lot.

Visit Their Facebook Page

nj car dealerships reviews As the leading social networking site in the world, Facebook is a great place to start your research. Head to a dealerships Facebook page. If they don’t have one, it’s likely a sign of a business that does not want to put itself out there. Which can stem from their own lack of confidence in their customer service and quality. Look through reviews on the left side of the page as seen below. Customers can instantly share their opinions on service for all to see: nj car dealership review Be sure to take a look at their overall rating at the top of their Facebook page. Every business Facebook page allows for reviews, and those reviews can only be reviewed if there is an instance of harassment (but must be processed by Facebook). For the most part, these ratings are accurate: nj car dealer reviews Are customers active on their Facebook page? If they are, this is usually a good sign of positive customer experiences. If you see comments filled with frustrated customers venting about service, you may want to steer clear of that dealership: nj car dealer review

Look at Google Reviews

Another great source of transparent reviews on NJ car dealerships, Google Reviews are very insightful. Most NJ car dealerships will have a great amount of detail on Google. When you search for a specific dealership, you’ll likely see the following content to the right of the search results: nj car dealership reviews You can also dive deep into all the reviews listed. Google Reviews offer even deeper insight than Facebook reviews and ratings (mainly due to the volume of people using Google): nj car dealership reviews

Head Over To Yelp

When it comes to online user reviews, Yelp is the king of kings. Yelp is based solely around business reviews. Everything from restaurants, gyms, and car dealerships. You don’t need an account to read reviews, but you do need an account to write your own. top nj car dealerships There is also a submission process to ensure that every review is credible and honest. In the past they ran into issues with competitors writing negative reviews about each other, they’ve since taken care of that issue. Here is what a review looks like: top nj car dealerships   If you don’t feel like reading through every review, you can get a quick snapshot of their overall rating: top nj car dealerships

Find a Great NJ Dealership, and Save with Exclusive Car Coupons

Now that you have the tools to read reviews about customer experiences at almost every dealer in NJ, you can act confidently when buying your next car. At NJ Car Coupon we aim to reduce the challenge of finding a trustworthy dealer with affordable quality cars. We only work with the top dealerships in NJ, you can even search for reviews to see for yourself. Once you find a preferred dealer give us a call at 732-749-7008 or email us at and we’ll find you exclusive coupon offers for your next car.

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