2014 Cadillac XTS in NJ with $3,711 in Savings

cadillac xts in nj



Discount Price with Coupons:

$61,104.00 plus an additional $1,650.00 in coupon savings at purchase.

Percent Savings with Additional Coupons:


Total Available Coupon Savings:


Vehicle Snapshot

Our #10 ranking goes to the Cadillac XTS. The 2014 Cadillac XTS, with its spacious interior, is a throwback to touring cars. It has power and a 23 combined MPG. You can take long trips with all your luggage with the Cadillac XTS’s extra-large trunk. When you put your foot to the floor the XTS rockets while purring. It is quiet, smooth and comes with an infotainment system that can be complex because it offers so much. Put it on the highway and mileage kicks up to 28 MPG.

What Makes This a Great Deal

We had to work to get this dealer to put a $2,061.00 coupon off the asking price.  He complained that shoppers would start their negotiations for this Cadillac XTS below MSRP.  Add to that the $1,650 in additional coupon savings and you send TrueCar and everyone else running for the hills.

Editor’s Summary of All Reviews

We summarized five reviews on this Cadillac XTS.  US News, AutoTrader, Edmunds, Motor Trends and Kelley Blue Book all agree that the Cadillac XTS has power, exceptional comfort, and luxury.

What the Reviewers Are Saying:

US News

The reviewers at US News like the way the XTS compares to other Large Luxury Cars.  These reviewers like the power the twin-turbo charged V6 engine delivers.  Cadillac acceleration.  As expected they like the interior. This car is made for traveling in comfort.  Envy is good word.  What put these reviewers over the top was the quality of leather and the 8 speaker Bose sound system.  


The AutoTrader Reviewers admit that the XTS Vsport engine delivers excitement.  They lose their focus when they start comparing this front wheel drive beauty to rear wheeled competitors.  We want them to check with us the first time a rear wheeled competitor hits a bit of snow.  The XTS just drives on by. 


The Edmunds reviewers flatly state that the 2014 Cadillac XTS has everything a driver could want in a large luxury sedan.  They call it compelling. 

Motor Trend

Motor Trend reviewers agree with the Edmunds’ reviewers that the XTS has power, comfort, room and sexy power with good mileage. 

Kelley Blue Book

The reviewers at Kelley Blue Book are still watching those commercials of curvy highways, no traffic, and a BMW-5 hugging the curves.  No comparison to the Cadillac XTS.  We think their only slightly positive review misses the mark.  The Cadillac has power, control and comfort.  Foreign competitors, no matter how you cut it, are smaller.  

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