2014 Ford Edge in NJ with $5,177 in Savings

ford edge in nj



Discount Price with Coupons: 

$41,558.00 plus an additional $2,450.00 in coupon savings at purchase.

Percent Savings with Additional Coupons:


Total Available Coupon Savings: 


Vehicle Snapshot

Our #6 ranking goes to the Ford Edge.  US News ranked the 2014 Ford Edge 3 out of 23 Affordable Midsize SUVs.  It only ranks #6 in our NJ Car Coupon deal rankings because dealers are holding onto their profit margins for this hot selling small SUV. This Ford Edge Sport is loaded with every option possible.  It works for couples with small kids and drivers who want economy with Ford’s EcoBoost engine, luxurious interior and that exceptional Ford Technology.  The high end Sport trim comes with large wheels and sport-tuned suspension.  The Edge comes with MyFord Touch infotainment system through an 8-inch touch screen.

What Makes This Particular Ford Edge a Great Deal?

Getting our dealer partner gives a $2,727 coupon discount.  It was tough but we twisted his arm to throw in 2,450 in additional coupons at purchase.  The $5,177.00 of total coupon savings delivers a better deal on this car than TrueCar and everyone else on the final deal.

Editor’s Summary of All Reviews

The Ford Edge hypnotizes all reviewers.  It got five out five positive reviews.  There is not much to add except we don’t fully agree.  We found the Edge a tad bit noisy.  Not nearly as noisy as its big brother the Explorer.  Overall drives like a dream.

What the Reviewers Are Saying:

US News

US News reviewers rave about the Edge’s handling, luxurious interior, safety and great fuel economy.  They went on to give it their Best Rating for Midsize SUV for the Money. The Edge seats five and is comfy for even long trips.  You can bring all the extra luggage with this Edge and its big cargo space. Reviewers say the front seats are spacious and comfortable for the long haul. 


AutoTrader reviewers love the Ford Edge.  Read the full review and you’ll be taken to a “love in.”  All that’s missing is the psychedelic colors and seventies music.  Their reviewers turn into ravers. 

Motor Trend

The Motor Trend reviewers go further than AutoTrader and label the Edge “elegant.” We agree.  

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book reviewers join the “we love this car” choir.  The only place we have a slight disagreement is with their thinking is around cabin noise.  The Edge has a good ride but it is noisy compared to the Buick Encore.  

Consumer Guide

Consumer Guide rated it 5 for 5 in terms of positive reviews. 

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