2014 Nissan Altima in NJ with $4,178 in Savings

nissan altima in nj



Discount Price with Coupons:  

$28,572.00 plus an additional $1,550.00 in coupon savings at purchase.

Percent Savings with Additional Coupons


Total Available Coupon Savings: 


Snapshot of the Nissan Altima

Our #3 ranking Coupon Deal goes to the Nissan Altima.  It has excellent MPG, great interior, and is comfortable like you favorite couch.  Its big “no-no” is the rear seat roomy issue.  The engineers did everything right but they made a back seat for small kids.  Maybe the Nissan engineers are onto something.  Regardless, this particular Nissan Altima comes with great coupons for New Jersey drivers in need of a reliable ride.

What Makes This Particular Nissan Altima a Great Deal

This is a great deal that begins with the $2,628 discount coupon from MSRP.  Our dealer partner added another $1,550 in coupons.  When you total the $4,178 in coupons you beat TrueCar and other dealers.  That’s right…beat them all with coupons.

Editor’s Summary of All Reviews on the Nissan Altima

They all agree, “Nissan is making good cars great. The Altima stands up to and in many cases by-passes Honda and Toyota.”  Read what the top reviewers have to say about the Nissan Altima.

What the Reviewers are saying about the Nissan Altima:

US News

The reviewers at US News ranked the Nissan Altima 7 out of 21 for Affordable Midsize Cars.  They didn’t know about the Altima’s great coupons which pushes it to our #3 in the coupon saving rankings. US News likes how it handles, power, and comfort.  They relish its good technology and smart programming and make the Nissan Altima a US News winner.  


The AutoTrader reviewer put the Altima on par with the Camry and Accord.

Popular Mechanics

Popular Mechanics highlights the Altima’s 40 mpg on the highway as a BIG positive. They agree the Altima is a great car and competes with Honda and Toyota.  Strong stuff from the reviewers at Popular Mechanics.  

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Books loves the Altima.  Their love is not kind as they diss the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord in comparison.  MPG, power and comfort carry the day for the Kelley Blue Book reviewers.  


Edmunds agrees with all the other reviewers that the Altima’s superior MPG, comfort and handling put it in the top three of its class.  Not much else to say.  

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