2014 Volkswagen Touareg in NJ with $3,953 in Savings

volkswagen touareg in nj



Discount Price with Coupons:

$47,027 plus an additional $1,100 in coupon savings at purchase.

Percent Savings with Additional Coupons:


Total Available Coupon Savings:


Vehicle Snapshot

Our #9 ranking goes to the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg.  The Touareg is a luxury cross SUV.  It is part sporty, party luxury but overall it is very German.  It is precise.  It is comfortable.  And it is a bit pricey for an SUV unless you remember it really a half-brother to the Porsche Cayenne and half-sister to the Audi Q7.  Its #9 ranking in our coupon deal list is because Volkswagen dealers have limited stock of the Touareg.  This particular Touareg comes with up to $3,953 in total coupon savings.  We think this dealer, whom we know well, is willing to offer an even better deal if pushed.

What Makes This Particular Volkswagen Touareg a Great Deal?

This great coupon deal starts with $2,853 coupon discount from MSRP. Add to that another $1,100 in coupons.  When you total the $3,953 in coupons you beat TrueCar and everyone else on the final deal.

Editor’s Summary of All Reviews

All reviewers emphasize that the Touareg is related to the Audi Q7 and the Porsche Cayenne.  That being said, they all agree that it has power, great handling, German luxury and quality.  But also Germany’s poor mileage.  But hey, if you are paying this much for a car we wonder if mileage is an issue.

What the Reviewers Are Saying: 

US News

US New reviewers like the 2014 Volkswagen Touareg but they rank it in the bottom half of luxury midsize SUVs.  We agree. The Touareg is really nice but it is not really great.  


AutoTrader was kinder to the Touareg in its review than US News.  They think it is world-class.  We think they are confusing its Cayenne and Q7 heritage with comparing to other luxury SUVs in its class. 

Automobile Magazine

The reviewers at Automobile Magazine are more down-to-earth than the reviewers at AutoTrader and US News.  They say it upfront, “the Touareg has a high price.”  Given that they call it comfortable but they don’t rave about it.  

Left Lane News

The reviewers at Left Lane News are in the Automobile Magazine camp.  They think for the price you might consider other options.

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