Check Out What World Series Champ Madison Bumgarner Drives Around Town

In what is being called one of the greatest pitching performances in World Series history Madison Bumgarner won Game 7 over the Kansas City Royals to give the San Francisco Giants the 2014 World Series Title. His win made him a 3-0 winner in the series with two starts and last night’s winning relief effort. The Giants beat the Kansas City Royals 3-2 to win the World Series at Kauffman Stadium on Wednesday night.

2014 chevrolet colorado madison bumgarner

Bumgarner was awarded the World Series MVP award Wednesday night, in addition to a brand new 2015 Chevrolet Colorado. The 25-year-old from North Carolina, in five seasons, has established himself as one of the great pitchers in history. His 1.03 ERA in 52 2/3 innings is alien to normal pitchers. And Bumgarner looked awfully happy to drive his new Chevrolet Colorado (and for good reason).


Ready to Save $1,000s on 2014 Chevrolet Trucks?

2014 Chevrolet Silverado in NJ


US News gave it the #1 ranking in its category. Reviewers are crazy about the Colorado. Forbes says the Colorado sets a new benchmark in the midsize truck world. Kelly Blue Book reviewers note that the Colorado was engineered based on the big-brother Silverado and Sierra. They say it is tougher and stronger, drives and handles better.  Road and Track says, “It finally happened.” GM breathed excitement into the midsize truck segment.

3 Great Deals on 2014-2015 Chevrolet Colorados in NJ

2015 Chevrolet Colorado in NJ
2015 Chevrolet Colorado Sport (Concept)

1.  2015 Chevrolet Colorado in Clifton, NJ.  Fully loaded.  0 Miles.

Image Source:
  • Coupon Price: $35,235  plus an additional $1,900 in coupons at purchase.
  • MSRP: $35,735 
  • 120% Negotiation Potential: Dealer has too many units on lot.
  • Get Even Better Price: We know the dealer well. Tough negotiator but fair. 

2.  2015 Chevrolet Colorado in Clifton, NJFully loaded.  0 Miles.

Image Source:
  • Coupon Price: $35,735  plus an additional $1,900 in coupons at purchase.
  • MSRP: $36,235
  • 140% Negotiation Potential: Dealer is closing out month.
  • Get Even Better Price: Dealer has too much end of year inventory on hand.

 3.  2015 Chevrolet Colorado in Old Bridge, NJFully loaded.  0 Miles.

2015 Chevrolet Colorado in NJ
Image Source:
  • MSRP: $35,940
  • Coupon Price: $1,650 in savings after purchase (towards service, maintenance, and more)
  • Get Even Better Price: Dealer willing to negotiate one-on-one.  Our experts will help you each step of the way..

 Here’s the Secret to Getting the Best Deal on a Chevrolet Colorado in NJ:

affordable cars in nj

  1. Great Deals are Possible.  If and only if, dealers don’t have to offer them to the entire public. Car coupons let dealers make private anonymous deals. Each of these Colorado trucks come with coupons. Call 732-749-7008 to claim your favorite deal. 
  2. Trade-In. Don’t include your trade-in by yourself!  Let us know if you want to trade in and we’ll get a minimum of three dealers to compete to buy it.
  3. Dealers want to turn over inventory every 30 days so we have to work to get you these particular deals.



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