3 Real World Driving Nightmares and How to Survive Them

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Everyone remembers the terror they feel during an accident. The deafening ring in your ears. The sensation of time moving surprisingly slow. And you’re senses become heightened to the point of overload. Car accidents are a horrible experience for anyone, but they aren’t the only nightmares awaiting NJ drivers.

In honor of the spookiest holiday of them all (Halloween of course), we put together a survival guide for nightmare driving scenarios. Whether you’re stuck in the Holland Tunnel with an overheated engine, or lose a tire while hitting 70 mph on the NJ Turnpike, we’ll give you some tips to help you emerge unscathed.

Take a look at our survival guide for nightmare driving scenarios, and be careful this Halloween! Also, don’t forget to check NJ Car Coupon for great discounts on new and used cars in NJ. If a herd of zombies trashes your car, you know where to head for your next vehicle!

Caught in the Middle of an Insurance Scam

Accidents are stressful experiences, but when you throw in the prospect of being taken advantage of through insurance scams, the crisis only gets worse. Over 20% of all bodily injury claims and 10% of all auto damage claims are a result of scammers.

This means that there’s a 1 out of 10 chance that an accident can be a result of fraud. One of the most popular auto insurance schemes is ‘The Forced Rear Ending’. Here’s a description of how this scheme plays out:

  • You’re driving safely obeying every traffic laws.
  • A random car cuts you off and slams their brake.
  • Simultaneously, another car stays on your side (preventing you from moving over)
  • Your car then rear-ends the driver who cut you off
  • They file a claim, and you’re at fault for the read end crash

If you suspect that you’re caught in the middle of an insurance scam: write down their license plate number and vehicle type, call 911 to report the incident, grab your phone and snap pictures of the scene, and once police arrive tell them about the potential scheme.


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Stuck In an Underground Tunnel with a Flat Tire…

Changing a tire is already a pain, but what happens when your car breaks down in a place like the Lincoln or Holland Tunnel? This situation doesn’t usually cross the mind of many drivers, but once you find yourself stuck in a tunnel without a way out, the terror becomes very real.

Its dark, you most likely don’t have a signal, and there is a serious chance of getting hit by oncoming traffic. While you may feel the urge to walk your way back to Jersey, it can be a dangerous mistake. Here’s the best way to deal with a disabled car when you’re stuck in a tunnel:

  • Immediately put on your hazard lights.
  • Set out a warning light or road flare.
  • Call 911. If you don’t have signal, look for an emergency phone.
  • Wait for a tow truck (DO NOT try and replace the tire inside the tunnel)



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Cyber Hackers Can Take Over Your Car! 

With the advent of smart cars, and soon to be self-driving cars, automobiles are transforming into giant computer systems on wheels. The average new car has anywhere from 50 to 100 computer systems. Each of those systems controls an aspect of your driving experience: brakes, acceleration, and steering.

This leads to a serious vulnerability that can attract hackers. Specific cars like the Tesla Model S have been described more as computers than cars. Model S owners can actually update their cars performance via Wi-Fi. Given the technological infusion between cars and computers, hackers are now the new carjackers.

Here are all the ways that malicious hackers can take over your vehicles:

  • Taking control of steering
  • Disabling GPS or switching the destination
  • Complete shutdown of the engine
  • Shutting off headlights
  • Slamming on the acceleration
  • Recording your voice via Bluetooth
  • Unlocking or locking doors
  • Hijacking your smartphone to send text messages

Given that the idea of “car hacking” is relatively new, drivers can only depend on their manufacturers for protection at the moment.

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