Car Coupons Make for Easy Negotiating at the Dealership

negotiating with car salesmen Most of us have a natural aversion to buying a car. Shady used car salesmen and hidden charges from dealerships have turned us all off at some point. In fact, a recent Gallup poll found that a car salesperson is the least trustworthy profession in the United States (right behind Congressmen). While there are certainly some bad apples, this is an unfair generalization.

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The fact is that car salesmen don’t have it that easy. Which puts them in a position to make significant deals with customers who inquire and prod. Car dealerships face significant obstacles when turning a profit, earning “an average pretax profit margin of 2.2%” on new vehicles. Which is why they are turning to new strategies for marketing cars and getting new customers. american redeem digital coupons One of the newest ways that car dealerships market to customers is through coupons. In 2013, over 102 million people in the U.S. redeemed a coupon online. We’ve all used coupons for groceries, gas, oil changes and even cell phones. Prospective car shoppers can now shop for their next new or used car with hidden dealership coupons.

Car Coupons Help Smooth Over Dealer Negotiations

2014 Chevrolet Sonic in NJ

Car dealership coupons are not advertised on TV, radio, or a dealer’s website. One of the only widespread programs exists in New Jersey (NJ Car Coupon). Here’s how their service and other services like it, can help consumers buy their next vehicle and reduce the anxiety of negotiation:

How Dealerships Create Discounted Car Coupons

  • Dealerships assess which cars are ideal for coupon discounts.
  • Factors range from time on lot, amount of additional models available and manufacturer discretion.
  • If a 2014 Ford C-Max is not as popular at a certain dealership, Ford may issue exclusive coupons to that specific dealer as a way to sell more cars.
  • Manufacturers only allow certain dealerships to do this, and they prevent them from advertising such deals.

buying a new car Manufacturers are just one of the ways that exclusive coupon discounts come about. Dealerships also issue financing and service coupons for customers at their own discretion for specific vehicles on the lot. They also specify huge price discounts on MSRP for vehicles that qualify. NJ Car Coupon assesses which coupon offers are available at any given time from the best dealerships in NJ. This way they can offer you access to those discounts directly through their website.

A Live Person to Help You Buy a Car for Less

coupon specialists in nj NJ Car Coupon understands that using a coupon for weekly groceries is not the same as using a coupon to buy a $30,000 vehicle. This is why they offer live support from coupon specialists. Before heading to the dealership to use a coupon, customers can call a live agent that will coordinate the process. A dealership and their sales team will know who you are and when you are coming in, and the coupon specialist will make sure your car coupon is guaranteed to be accepted when you get there. The coupon specialist’s job is to remove any surprises for car shoppers once they arrive at the dealership. Their main goal is to help you save on new and used cars. The Car Coupon Process is Simple:

  1. Click to find the car coupon you need
  2. Call a Coupon Specialist to guarantee that offer
  3. Head to the dealer with your coupon voucher
  4. Go for a test drive (as usual)
  5. Apply instant MSRP discount upon signing

Few services can guarantee a quality car with exclusive savings upon signing let alone 6 months to a year down the road. Car coupons apply to both MSRP and ongoing costs such as maintenance, service, and financing. Interested in a new car? Ready to try car coupons? Head to NJ Car Coupon and look through over 20,000 cars with coupon offers, or call 732-749-7008 and a coupon specialist will help you out.

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 Call an NJ Car Coupon Specialist Today!

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