NJ Gas Prices at 4 Year Low, Less Than $3 Per Gallon

nj gas prices
Image Source: ww.nj105.com

New Jersey drivers have a big reason to give thanks come this Thanksgiving. New Jersey gas prices haven’t been less than $3 a gallon for 4 years, and the Garden State’s average cost per gallon is now the 11th lowest in the nation.

The price at the pump is down from the $3.57 per gallon price seen in July. NJ.com cited “weak global demand combined with abundant supplies” for the affordable prices. This is great news for commuters hoping to save up some extra cash for the holidays.

Especially those getting ready for a Thanksgiving road trips on one of the biggest driving days of the year. Good luck out there and enjoy the extra cash in your pocket!

NJ Gas Prices Aren’t the Only Ones Falling

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