The Coolest Apps to Get You Around New Jersey

driving apps

What are your favorite must-have apps?

Apps are a phenomenon that won’t go away, and many Americans spend hours every week with their favorites. One of the best places for apps is your car. Apps such as GasBuddy for finding gas prices nearby and obviously GPS navigation like Google Maps, are very useful for saving money and helping lost drivers.

So the NJ Car Coupon blog team decided to find the best and most useful apps for getting around NJ. Traditional services like AAA and OnStar have entered the app game, and the next generation of transportation is coming about with Uber.

Enjoy our list of the top apps for getting around NJ, but please keep your eyes are on the road! 

Waze Lets You Beat Traffic and Avoid Tickets

waze app

The Waze app is a useful GPS navigation app with a twist. Its a social form of driving, where every driver using the app can report on the road. See a traffic jam? Let other drivers know with the touch of an icon.

The interface is really great with large icons that make for easy use while driving without distraction. It’s perfect for long road trips, spotting speed traps (and avoid tickets), or for finding a quicker commute home during traffic on the NJ Turnpike.

Uber is Like a Taxi Service in the Future

uber in nj

Taxis are more than annoyed at Uber, and it all comes down to how customers love it. Uber is a new driving service that works like a taxi. With one big difference. Instead of calling a dispatcher, you simply open an app that looks similar to a GPS. Within the app you’ll see car icons floating around (these are your Uber drivers).

It’s as easy to use as any GPS. You enter your location and destination and the app will give you a fare estimate, image of the driver, rating from customers, and even what type of car they use. So next time you plan a night out in New Jersey, leave your keys at home and order an Uber!

AAA Brings Its Legendary Service to Your Phone

aaa mobile app in nj

AAA has always been a driver’s best friend, and now that they built a sleek new mobile app they’ll never be out of reach. The AAA Mobile app serves as the headquarters for every AAA members needs. There are lists of nearby membership discounts at gas stations and stores, as well as a simple way to request roadside assistance. If you are a AAA member you need to download this app today!

GasBuddy Will Help You Find the Cheapest Gas Around

gas buddy app nj

Even though gas is down in New Jersey, we’d all like to save even more am I right? With GasBuddy you can do exactly that. With a look and feel similar to a GPS, GasBuddy will show you every gas station nearby along with the current price per gallon. This means you’ll never overpay for gas at one station and see a cheaper price around the corner. It’s a must have for any NJ driver.

OnStar RemoteLink Lets You See Inside Your Car

onstar remotelink app

Similar to AAA Mobile, OnStar went ahead and created an all inclusive app with the favorite OnStar features their customers have come to love. RemoteLink features are incorporated into the car which allows for unlocking, remote start, and more. If you drive an electric vehicle it can serve as a monitor for your current charge level (it also works for gas powered cars).

RepairPal is the Best Way to Pay Less for Maintenance


Last but not least is RepairPal, which aims to help people pay less for auto repairs. By assessing the average price for certain service offerings in your area (like a wheel alignments or a transmission replacement), RepairPal tells you what price is fair. If you end up second guessing a quote from a new repair shop, simply reach into your pocket and check RepairPal.

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Enter to Win $50 for Gas!

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