How to Prep Your Car for a Harsh NJ Winter

winter storm in nj

Missing summer yet?

It’s safe to say we all are, especially in the midst of a Thanksgiving Winter nor’easter piling down on NJ. While much of New Jersey may fret and long for warmer weather, others are taking this as a sign to prepare for a potentially harsh NJ winter.

Even drivers that own rugged vehicles like the Chevrolet Silverado 3500 pickup truck need to prep for icy roads. To help you avoid any winter mishaps on the Garden State Parkway or local neighborhood roads, NJ Car Coupon assembled a list of the best ways to prep for winter in NJ.

We hope this helps you get to where you need to go without any issues, Happy Thanksgiving from NJ Car Coupon!

Keep an Emergency Kit in the Back of Your Trunk

Store some bottles of water, extra jackets, and boots. If you’re stuck in the midst of a whiteout and need to stay in your car for hours, there’s a high chance that your car may die or run out of gas. Other essential items may seem out of place but they are helpful:

  • Cat Litter (throw it under your tires for added traction!)
  • Books (something to read if you’re stuck)
  • Phone Batteries (buy an extra battery, charge it full, and store it for emergencies)
  • Baby Wipes (to help you stay clean and comfortable in a snow storm)
  • Coal Burning Stove (the cold can get intense and this will keep you warm, and able to heat up water)
  • Trail Mix (it stays dry and doesn’t go bad, a perfect emergency food stash)
  • Hand Warmers (keep your fingers and toes warm)
  • Full Gas Tank (try to keep a full tank of gas before a storm hits)

If you don’t have any additional supplies a prolonged traffic jam can become something dangerous. Make sure you stock your trunk with extra supplies, dry food, and water for a worst case winter scenario. Most survival experts and the Red Cross suggest stocking up enough supplies for 3 days.


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thanksgiving in nj



Driving Maneuvers and Advice for Snow and Ice

Over 450 people die each year on the road in the US due to winter weather and icy roads. With 41 million Americans traveling on Thanksgiving combined with a winter nor’easter, you have a perfect storm for accidents.

The most obvious tip to stay safe during winter weather is to stay home during a blizzard. But not everyone can stick to that rule, especially when it comes to work, family emergencies, or other essential trips.

Take as many precautions as possible when heading out on the road in the midst of a Thanksgiving nor’easter. Here is some great advice pulled from WikiHow, RedCross and LifeHacker:

  • Notify friends or family about where you’re driving (if you get stuck they can advise emergency crews on the general area of where to find you)
  • Bring extra cash (if there is a power outage, ATMs and credit card systems will not work)
  • Know how to control a ice sliding vehicle (Let go of the brake and turn wheel into direction that rear of car is sliding towards)
  • Check your tire pressure (before you hit the road make sure your tires are at 100% to prevent slides)

Use Local Coupons to Stock Up on Supplies

When you’re loading up on supplies for winter, be sure to use NJ Car Coupon for serious savings. We offer coupons for local NJ small businesses. They include car washes, auto repair, car accessories, and even local eateries. You can also enter to win a $50 gas card each week to help you save money on fuel.


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