Gas Prices in NJ Continue to Fall in 2015

nj gas prices 2015
New Jersey gas prices will continue to get cheaper for the start of 2015.

Gas prices in the Garden State will continue to drop in January 2015.

After an end of the year rally that saw many gas stations posting prices less than $2 per gallon, fuel costs will continue to drop across the state and nationwide in 2015.

While falling gas prices will undoubtedly benefit NJ residents in the short term, many analysts are anticipating the eventual gas tax hike, which may offset some of the benefit of cheap oil.

The lowest price at the pump seen by the NJ Car Coupon team has been $1.85 in Edison, NJ.

Gas Prices Will Keep Falling in 2015

NJ gas prices are currently at their lowest point since 2009. If prices drop further below the $2 mark, we may see prices that haven’t been around since 2005.

What’s the cheapest gas you’ve seen in NJ? Let us know in the comments section!

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