BMW Using Lasers for Smarter High Beams

bmw laser smart headlights
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Say goodbye to blinding high beams, thanks to BMW’s new laser powered smart headlights.

BMW unveiled it’s new headlight technology in Las Vegas at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

It utilizes a combination of smart lasers, “high performance diodes” and a Selective Beam camera system.

Readers without an electrical engineering degree may not have any idea what this technology does (and neither did we at first).

So NJ Car Coupon went ahead and broke down what these smart headlights actually bring to the table from a driver’s perspective.

Top Features from BMW’s Laser Powered Headlights

bmw smart headlights
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  • Ten times brighter than standard high beams on the market.

  • Twice as powerful as conventional high beams (illuminating up to 2,000 feet ahead of a vehicle).

  • Selective Beam camera system that automatically dims the light for oncoming cars.

  • Your lights will connect to GPS to brighten lights before oncoming turns.

  • Spotlight will use infrared sensors to scan for pedestrians and deer (automatically focusing more light to that area).

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