Over 6,500 NJ Bridges Are ‘Structurally Deficient’ and Crumbling

road and bridges nj
Image Source: DaveGranlund.com

Do you feel safe driving over a bridge built in 1920? 

New Jersey’s old bridges and roads are in serious risk of being closed due to deteriorating conditions.

There are 6,500 ‘structurally deficient’ bridges spread throughout the Garden State, and over 500 of these bridges are facing emergency conditions.

old bridges in america
Mississippi had an entire section of bridge collapse over the Mississippi River in 2007 (Image Source: NJ.com).

Most recently the Prospect Street bridge in Dover, NJ was shut down by engineers due to its inability to hold the weight of traffic.

New Jersey’s own Transportation Commissioner Jamie Fox stated:

“At any moment my staff could say to me, we need to shut another one down.”

The Garden State’s Bridges and Roads are Deteriorating

To sum it up best, our bridges are in serious trouble. Especially now that the NJ Transportation Fund is set to run out of money in June 2015.

To help our readers, NJ Car Coupon put together a list of resources that can help you find out if any of the bridges along your commute are in danger of closure:

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