A Double Gas Tax May Hit NJ Drivers

 nj gas tax increase
Image Source: FoxandHoundsDaily.com

New Jersey drivers may face a double gas tax in the next few months.

While the federal tax will impact every state, the statewide gas tax increase is specifically for NJ.

The gas tax increase will be directly tied to the failing New Jersey Transportation Fund which is set to run out of funds by June 30, 2015.

When it comes to the Garden State’s gas tax, one such bill aims to increase the tax by “5 cents a gallon for three years” according to NJ State Senator Ray Lesniak from Union, NJ.

Double Gas Tax Headed for NJ Drivers

Luckily gas is at a record low for the past 7 years. One station on Route 1 posted prices of $1.67 per gallon!

NJ Car Coupon is also running a Weekly Gas Card Giveaway you can enter (we’re giving away a $50 Gas Card).

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