Audi’s Driverless Car Makes a Trip from California to Vegas

audi driverless car
Audi tested out its self driving car for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Image Source Wikipedia).

Audi’s driver-less car travels 550 miles from Stanford to Las Vegas.

The future is here. Audi’s self-driving car embarked on a 550 mile journey to the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Through a collaboration between Audi and Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research, the test drive went off without a hitch (or an accident).

NJ Car Coupon’s team members are torn when it comes to trusting self-driving cars. Many of us want to wait to see the technology perfected.

But I for one would love to get my hands on either Audi’s version or one of those nifty Google Cars.

Self Driving Car from Audi Travels 550 Miles from Stanford, CA to Las Vegas

According to SFGate,com, Audi’s vehicle uses “radar sensors, laser scanners, 3D video cameras” and other new technology to navigate itself without any help from a human driver.

Would you trust a computer system to safely transport you and your family?

Here’s what Google has to say about Google’s Self-Driving Car project:

To drive itself, a vehicle needs to understand where it is in the world, what’s around it, and what might happen next. And then it needs to decide what to do and move safely and naturally. Our engineers build the software that the vehicles use to understand their environment, and we also have a team of safety drivers who test the software in real-world situations.

Google's self driving car
Google’s Self-Driving Car uses similar technology to Audi’s (Image Source BBC).

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