Dashcam Captures Meteor Over Route 287 in NJ

A New Jersey driver captured a meteor soaring over the highway with his dashboard mounted video camera.

With the amount of light pollution in New Jersey, you don’t usually get to see a clear view of the starlit sky, let alone meteors.

Yet one lucky driver was able to capture a rare meteor sighting on Route 287 near Cedar Knolls, NJ. The driver tweeted the video recording that came from his dashboard mounted video camera, after posting it on YouTube.

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Meteor Sighting Recorded Over Route 287 Near Cedar Knolls, NJ

nj meteor dashcam
Image from TachPro.com: The driver used a Garmin dash-camn like the one seen in this photo.

This meteor was not as big as the one captured by a driver in a remote village near Siberia, but it’s still a great video:

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