Cuba’s Car Culture Keeps 1950’s America Alive

cuban 1950s cars
Cuba is famous for its incredibly preserved 1950’s American cars. it all stems from the decades old embargo that prevented imported cars made in the USA.

In honor of better relations between America and Cuba, here’s a look at the gorgeous vintage 1950’s cars made famous by the island.

For decades the United States has held an embargo against Cuba when it comes to cars. Since the 1950’s the importing of American made cars has been outlawed. Which produced some interesting results.

Take a look at this great video that the NJ Car Coupon blog found on Motor Trend’s YouTube Channel. You can see firsthand how the island has a treasure trove of vintage vehicles.

Classic American Cars in Cuba Keep the 1950’s Intact

Without any access to affordable new American cars, the people of Cuba were forced to maintain the vehicles they bought before the embargo.

This resulted in some incredibly well preserved vintage cars that would make the most dedicated collector drool.

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