10 NJ Area Businesses Owe $3 Million in Tolls!

companies owe nj tolls

We’ve all railed against tolls. They’re annoying, expensive, and often times we don’t ever see our dollars being invested into better roads. Yet despite our legitimate criticisms, most of us pay the bill. But not everyone.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has compiled a list of the biggest toll violators and offenders in the state. Just ten different companies owe over $3 million in tolls. Maybe this is why our state is littered with pot holes?

So here’s a list of the top ten toll cheaters in the state: 

New Jersey’s Biggest Toll Cheats

  1. Leticia Inc., of Hillside: $559,550

  2. Olympic Limousine Service, Inc., in Farmingdale: $459,076

  3. State Shuttle Inc., Lake Hopatcong: $455,933

  4. Royal Coach Line, Inc. Hightstown: $331,315

  5. Port Newark Holding LLC, Newark: $312,151

  6. Material Haulers Inc., of West New York: $298,711

  7. D C S Auto Sales, Inc., of Newark: $235,043

  8. Untouchable Trucking Inc., West New York: $226,757

  9. Logistics-FTC, Rutherford: $221,603

  10. The Fusella Group LLC of Livingston: $210,129

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