MPG stats are often FICTION

Auto manufacturers love to brag about their Highway versus City fuel economy. Those numbers are often fiction.

In the same way that car commercials on TV promote the bare bones trim option as a monthly price, they are doing the same thing when it comes to MPG. Take a look at our MPG gap report, comparing the ‘true’ mileage you’ll get with the following vehicles: the 2014 Honda Accord, the 2014 Mazda 6, and the 2014 Toyota Camry.

Combined MPG for the Accord, Mazda6, and Camry

mpg honda accord mazda 6 toyota camry

Chart 1 shows that the Honda Accord has the highest combined MPG.  Honda wants you to think, “I’ll get the combined MPG.”  Mistake!  You won’t because the gap between the Honda’s City and Highway MPG is way out of line.

honda accord in nj

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The Difference in Mileage from City to Highway

mpg honda accord, mazda 6, toyota camry

Chart 2 shows the Honda Accord’s MPG Gap between City and Highway is twice that of the Camry and Mazda 6. This number represents the difference in mileage when driving on city roads to highways. Due to the larger gap in mileage for the Honda Accord, fuel economy drops considerably after a driver exits the highway and drives around town.

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mpg for honda accord, mazda 6, toyota camry

Chart 3 shows what percentage of the time a driver can expect to get a combined MPG based on the MPG Gap. Meaning, how often will you be able to capitalize on both highway and city fuel economy to get the most mileage from your tank.  All of a sudden you can see that only 28% of the time would you get the Honda Accord’s combined 34.5 MPG.  With Toyota Camry in 67% of the time you’d get its combined 30 MPG.  And with the Mazda 6 63% of the time you’d get its 32 MPG.

So there you have it. For MPG rankings the Honda comes in third to the Toyota Camry and Mazda 6.

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