5 Easy Tips to Avoid Unnecessary Breakdowns

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e’ve all learned to drive at some point, but many New Jersey drivers fail to understand how a vehicle works (and breaks) at its most basic level.

Steam Rising from Your Engine

If you see steam coming from your engine – FIND A SAFE PLACE TO STOP.  Keep driving and you are going to destroy your engine.  First thing is to be careful. A steaming engine is HOT.  Once it cools check your radiator fluid.  Read your manual to find out how.  You may have a leak in the radiator, a leaking hose, or low radiator fluid.  It is cheaper to buy a gallon jug of radiator fluid and put it in your radiator in order to get your car to your local mechanic.  Let’s be real.  YOU are NOT going to fix the problem unless you are someone who knows about cars.  And if you knew about cars you most likely wouldn’t be having this problem.

Low Tire Pressure

Check your tire pressure at least once a month.  Too high of pressure and your car loses traction.  Too low of pressure and your car pulls toward the low tire. Buy and carry a $8.00 tire pressure gauge.

Five Minutes to Hit the Road Departure, Have You Checked Your Fluids?

Remember, if your car breaks down in “NoWhereVille” you have a good chance of getting a zombie bill for minor issues you could have prevented.

Take a Second to Check Your Headlights

Check your headlights and tail lights. You need someone in the car helping you with turning on bright lights, checking turn signals, and brake lights.  Think about it this way….a cop will stop and ticket you in a second if your lights aren’t working.  Ticket costs anywhere from $85 to $125 dollars.  Check out and check your lights.  A burned out bulb is amazingly easy to replace.  Yes, you can do it.  A bulb you replace cost $8.00 have a mechanic do it and you’re looking at a $45-$75 bill.  Duh!

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Look Underneath the Car, Are There Any Leaks?

Can you see fluids leaking.  Depending on how old your car a bit of oil is not an issue, but when you notice a big leak that forms a size-able puddle, you should act fast to prevent a bigger problem.  Check your oil, brake fluid levels, and radiator levels in your car.  Take responsibility for your own safety.

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