Take the time to warm your car up this winter.

heating up car in winter
Image Source: Blogspot.com

Ignore critics who say heating up your car is a waste of time. 

Heating Up Your Car for 1-3 Minutes Can Extend the Life of Your Car

Cold weather and subzero temperatures are the biggest threat to engine components like camshafts and pistons. When the temperature drops below zero the oil in your car sits at the bottom of the oil plate and congealssimilar to chilled thick molasses.  In that state, oil cannot lubricate the engine properly. In the winter, your oil needs to be heated in order to freely flow through your car.

Jalopnik, the automotive site,  summed it up: “When your car has been sitting out overnight, all the lubricating oil that’s coating all of the crucial moving bits of the car has settled down to the bottom of the oil pan… You’ve seen how differently, say, refrigerated maple syrup flows compared to hot…”

You Should Always Heat Up Your Car in the Winter

heating up car in winter
Image Source: Route23Honda.com

This means that when you start a car in 15 degree weather, your engine will essentially be running without any lubrication for the first few minutes.  This is why slamming the accelerator after starting a cold car can severely damage your engine (leading to thousands in repairs and even a new vehicle).

So in the end, Jalopnik showed us how heating up your car for just 1-3 minutes during cold mornings can potentially add 10,000 miles to the life of your vehicle.

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