Another One Bites the Dust. Government Official in NJ Arrested for Drunk Driving

In the above dash-cam video, you can see the Mayor of Paulsboro, Jeff Hamilton, being arrested for drunk driving.

The mayor looks noticeably disheveled and has trouble walking in the above video.

Drunk driving is a terrible crime, but when a public official does it, it somewhat undermines the efforts of law enforcement.

Mayor of Paulsboro NJ Arrested for Drunk Driving

paulsboro mayor drunk driving jeffrey hamilton
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In some cases there have been public officials who use their position of power as a means to get out of an arrest.

But as this video shows, no one not even the Mayor of a town can get away with drunk driving.  Continue reading

Audi’s Driverless Car Makes a Trip from California to Vegas

audi driverless car
Audi tested out its self driving car for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Image Source Wikipedia).

Audi’s driver-less car travels 550 miles from Stanford to Las Vegas.

The future is here. Audi’s self-driving car embarked on a 550 mile journey to the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Through a collaboration between Audi and Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research, the test drive went off without a hitch (or an accident).

NJ Car Coupon’s team members are torn when it comes to trusting self-driving cars. Many of us want to wait to see the technology perfected.

But I for one would love to get my hands on either Audi’s version or one of those nifty Google Cars.

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BMW Using Lasers for Smarter High Beams

bmw laser smart headlights
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Say goodbye to blinding high beams, thanks to BMW’s new laser powered smart headlights.

BMW unveiled it’s new headlight technology in Las Vegas at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

It utilizes a combination of smart lasers, “high performance diodes” and a Selective Beam camera system.

Readers without an electrical engineering degree may not have any idea what this technology does (and neither did we at first).

So NJ Car Coupon went ahead and broke down what these smart headlights actually bring to the table from a driver’s perspective. Continue reading

Driving Tips for a Harsh New Jersey Winter

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New Jersey winters can be brutal. Especially if your car is not prepared for icy weather.

This past weekend I drove for 35 minutes in a snowstorm and saw at least a dozen accidents.

Luckily I was able to take my time and go slowly without getting in one myself.

After my experience I felt that NJ Car Coupon needed to share some new tips on how to prep your own car for a harsh NJ winter.

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NJ Viral Video: 2 Bears Have an Epic Street Fight in Rockaway, NJ

Who doesn’t like a good street fight?

Especially one that involves two beasts from the animal kingdom. A scene out of a National Geographic documentary played out on a suburban street in North Jersey, and one onlooker captured two aggressive bears duking it out (in HD!). Here’s your dose of viral video for the day, brought to you by NJ Car Coupon.


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Watch a Terrified Kid Experience His First Car Wash, Just in Time for Halloween

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When the average adult lists their top fears, car washes will likely not be anywhere on that list. Clowns, dentists, and zombies maybe… But for young kids, heading into an automated car wash can be scarier than any haunted house. Check out this hilarious YouTube video shot by the mother of a child who’s never gone through a wash. And make sure you don’t get caught in the terrifying scenario of paying too much for a new car. Head to NJ Car Coupon to find unpublished saving opportunities on new and used cars.

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