5 Cars to Help You Escape a Zombie Outbreak

The Walking Dead back on TV, zombies and terrifying escapes are on the minds of many NJ drivers. This had us asking ourselves, what would be the best car to have in the event of a ‘walking dead’ type apocalypse?

Rather than focus on trim options and design, we looked for cars and trucks with bulk for protection and heavy zombie crushing power. Added size would help greatly in the event of a zombie roadblock.

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The Top 5 Full Size Pickups for NJ Drivers

2014 ford f-150 in nj

The #1 Best Selling vehicle is the Ford F-Series. Americans buy more Ford Pickups than any other vehicle. The #2 Best Selling vehicle in the US is the Chevrolet Silverado.  Coming in at #4 is the RAM 1500. These three vehicles represent 15% of total US vehicle sales.  Amazing.  Here is our Chart of the Top 5 Selling Pickups.

Once we knew the Top 5 we went out and found the Best Deals in New Jersey on these Five Best Selling Pickups. Because dealers sell so many of these pickups we were able to find some amazing deals. Take a look to find F-150s with up to $10,000 in coupon discounts.

Find the car or truck, new or used, you want with up to $7,500 in additional discounts at http://www.njcarcoupon.com

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Car Drives Into Lake in Springfield, NJ

nj driver in lake
Landed into a pond near her apartment complex.

Think you’re having a bad day? One Springfield woman drove her car into a pond outside her apartment. She apparently thought she was in drive, while in fact she was in reverse. Hopefully this makes you feel better about your day! She could definitely use a new car with some exclusive discounts (from NJ Car Coupon of course). Continue reading

10 NJ Area Businesses Owe $3 Million in Tolls!

companies owe nj tolls

We’ve all railed against tolls. They’re annoying, expensive, and often times we don’t ever see our dollars being invested into better roads. Yet despite our legitimate criticisms, most of us pay the bill. But not everyone.

The New Jersey Turnpike Authority has compiled a list of the biggest toll violators and offenders in the state. Just ten different companies owe over $3 million in tolls. Maybe this is why our state is littered with pot holes?

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Truck Driver Escapes Flaming 18 Wheeler in Route 78 Crash

A horrendous crash occurred this weekend on Route 78 near Union, NJ resulting in one fatality (a 24-year-old Chatham resident). Our hearts are with the families of those who were killed and injured.

One of the truck drivers involved in the crash barely escaped with his life from a burning tanker. Dramatic video of the incident was captured by several drivers.

The tanker involved in the crash held over 9,000 gallons of fuel, causing a tremendous pillar of smoke and flame to rise from the scene of the accident.

You can visibly see and hear the impending explosions of the tanker. This was a serious crash that resulted in some drivers being stuck on the road for over six hours. Continue reading

Red Light Cameras in NJ Are Shutting Down at Midnight

Say goodbye to red light cameras in New Jersey!

After five years and thousands of angry drivers, New Jersey’s red light cameras are shutting down. 

Red light cameras have been a heated point of debate in New Jersey.

Public dissatisfaction with the cameras has resulted in the end of the introduction of this relatively new traffic enforcement technique.

At midnight tonight the last red light camera’s video feed is scheduled to be cut.

Despite the millions of dollars generated for local governments, New Jersey residents have viewed the program with skepticism.

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Trenton Woman Drives Into Crowd of People in Front of Bar

Trenton woman crashes crowd anchor bar nj

A crazed Trenton woman purposefully drove her car into a crowd of people at 1:30 a.m. Friday morning. Natasha Hightower was charged with the crime.

Witnesses described how she intentionally drove into the crowd more than twice. After hitting one woman, she backed up and did it again.

NJ Car Coupon’s blog team sends their best wishes to the family of the victim.

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Cuba’s Car Culture Keeps 1950’s America Alive

cuban 1950s cars
Cuba is famous for its incredibly preserved 1950’s American cars. it all stems from the decades old embargo that prevented imported cars made in the USA.

In honor of better relations between America and Cuba, here’s a look at the gorgeous vintage 1950’s cars made famous by the island.

For decades the United States has held an embargo against Cuba when it comes to cars. Since the 1950’s the importing of American made cars has been outlawed. Which produced some interesting results.

Take a look at this great video that the NJ Car Coupon blog found on Motor Trend’s YouTube Channel. You can see firsthand how the island has a treasure trove of vintage vehicles. Continue reading