Google Maps – a “Must Know About”

nj highways and roads

Despite summer being the prime time for road trips, Autumn’s cooler weather and beautiful foliage also make for a nice cross country or coastal journey in your car. Whether you’re with friends, a spouse, or the whole family, getting around the country can be tricky, but not impossible if you use Google Maps to plan things out.

Save $3,400 off MSRP for a 2014 Hyundai Sonata

2014 hyundai sonata in nj

Even if you just bought a brand new 2014 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid or 2014 Ford Focus with sleek navigation systems, the mapping out of a route via Google Maps can help make navigation even easier. So here’s a guide on how to use Google Maps to plan out that 1,000 mile plus journey.

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See if your car has Defected Airbags. Get Yours Fixed!

airbag recall in nj

Attention New Jersey drivers! You need to check your airbags.

If you have purchased a vehicle built by Toyota, Honda (specifically a Honda Accord), Nissan, or other leading manufacturers listen up. According to a recent report from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration, over 4.7 million people may own cars with defective airbags. An air bag supplier named Takata Corp. issued a recall, which is impacting close to 12 million vehicles.

The following auto makes and models are at risk. If your vehicle is on the list, take it to your dealer for a free replacement:

Save $2,700 off MSRP for a 2014 Honda Accord

2014 Honda Accord in NJ

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Audi’s Driverless Car Makes a Trip from California to Vegas

audi driverless car
Audi tested out its self driving car for the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas (Image Source Wikipedia).

Audi’s driver-less car travels 550 miles from Stanford to Las Vegas.

The future is here. Audi’s self-driving car embarked on a 550 mile journey to the 2015 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Through a collaboration between Audi and Stanford University’s Center for Automotive Research, the test drive went off without a hitch (or an accident).

NJ Car Coupon’s team members are torn when it comes to trusting self-driving cars. Many of us want to wait to see the technology perfected.

But I for one would love to get my hands on either Audi’s version or one of those nifty Google Cars.

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BMW Using Lasers for Smarter High Beams

bmw laser smart headlights
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Say goodbye to blinding high beams, thanks to BMW’s new laser powered smart headlights.

BMW unveiled it’s new headlight technology in Las Vegas at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show.

It utilizes a combination of smart lasers, “high performance diodes” and a Selective Beam camera system.

Readers without an electrical engineering degree may not have any idea what this technology does (and neither did we at first).

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2016 Toyota Mirai: Hydrogen Powered Tesla Killer?

2016 Toyota Mirai
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Toyota’s new hydrogen fuel cell powered car is called the Mirai, which translates to ‘future’ in Japanese. In many ways, Toyota is aiming to offer a Tesla alternative. The initial launch of the Toyota Mirai is limited to Japan and California.

The 2016 Toyota Mirai is priced at $57,500, gets 300 miles on a tank of compressed hydrogen, and takes less time to fuel than a Tesla Model S (less than five minute compared to several hours for Teslas). New Jersey drivers will have to wait for a wider launch in 2016.

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Say Goodbye to Red Light Cameras in NJ

red light camera in nj
Say goodbye to red light cameras in NJ!

New Jersey’s infamous red light cameras are losing popularity. Recent computer glitches and inaccurate ticketing resulted in serious outcry from citizens and legislators.

The state has been in the middle of a pilot program which placed the cameras at 73 different intersections. Now the program will come to a halt and cameras will be shut down within two weeks.

While many citizens are rejoicing, some groups and legislators are pushing to renew the program and start all over!

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You’re Minivan May Be a Death Trap!

minivan crash test

Three different minivans were found to have disastrous results when it came to frontal crash safety tests.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) tested collision performance when cars were hit in the front corner passenger side. At 40 mph the vehicle was propelled towards a rigid barrier.

The minivans bulky cab on top of a smaller car platform (housing the axle wheels and essential parts) can lead to a vulnerable front corner.

Do you own a minivan? If so, your vehicle may be vulnerable to this type of accident.

We put together a list of the most vulnerable vehicles to help you decide if you should swap your current minivan for a safer option.

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The Coolest Apps to Get You Around New Jersey

driving apps

What are your favorite must-have apps?

Apps are a phenomenon that won’t go away, and many Americans spend hours every week with their favorites. One of the best places for apps is your car. Apps such as GasBuddy for finding gas prices nearby and obviously GPS navigation like Google Maps, are very useful for saving money and helping lost drivers.

So the NJ Car Coupon blog team decided to find the best and most useful apps for getting around NJ. Traditional services like AAA and OnStar have entered the app game, and the next generation of transportation is coming about with Uber.

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The 2014 BMW i8 Comes with a Cool New App

Ready to manage your car with an iPhone? Well BMW has a fresh new app that is something out of the future.

The new 2014 BMW i8 is an electric vehicle that performs like a sports car. Accompanying gadgets and BMW-designed apps also make it feel like the perfect vehicle for the iPhone age of drivers. Reaching speeds of 0 to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds, combined with the latest driving technology make the BMW i8 a serious contender for best electric vehicle on the market.

2014 BMW i8
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