Another One Bites the Dust. Government Official in NJ Arrested for Drunk Driving

In the above dash-cam video, you can see the Mayor of Paulsboro, Jeff Hamilton, being arrested for drunk driving.

The mayor looks noticeably disheveled and has trouble walking in the above video.

Drunk driving is a terrible crime, but when a public official does it, it somewhat undermines the efforts of law enforcement.

Mayor of Paulsboro NJ Arrested for Drunk Driving

paulsboro mayor drunk driving jeffrey hamilton
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In some cases there have been public officials who use their position of power as a means to get out of an arrest.

But as this video shows, no one not even the Mayor of a town can get away with drunk driving.  Continue reading

NJ Turnpike Tractor Trailer Crash Caught on Video

Be careful on icy roads this winter, or this could be you!

The above driver was recording a separate crash when he found himself in an incredibly close call.

This driver was stopped on the NJ Turnpike I-95 when he decided to record some of the ice induced chaos.

As he focuses on the crash a few hundred feet ahead of him, he hears a gut wrenching sound.

Just as he turns the camera to investigate you see a careening 18-wheel tractor trailer heading straight for his car.

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Dashcam Captures Meteor Over Route 287 in NJ

A New Jersey driver captured a meteor soaring over the highway with his dashboard mounted video camera.

With the amount of light pollution in New Jersey, you don’t usually get to see a clear view of the starlit sky, let alone meteors.

Yet one lucky driver was able to capture a rare meteor sighting on Route 287 near Cedar Knolls, NJ. The driver tweeted the video recording that came from his dashboard mounted video camera, after posting it on YouTube.

If you ended up wrecking your car thanks to this meteor, shop for a new vehicle with NJ Car Coupon!

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2014 Chevrolet Cruze for $15,888 in Lakewood, NJ

2014 chevrolet cruze in lakewood nj
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This 2014 Chevrolet Cruze in Lakewood, NJ is available through NJ Car Coupon with a $1,000 MSRP discount.

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The Top Road Construction Projects in NJ for 2015

road construction in nj
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Millions of dollars are being poured into road construction projects throughout the Garden State in 2015. 

NJ Car Coupon felt we should let commuters know what will be the bane of their commute throughout the New Year.

Last year saw chaotic delays and accidents on both Route 287 and Route 80. On Route 80 alone, construction issues tripled the amount of accidents.

With that in mind we felt we needed to share the top road and bridge construction projects in NJ for 2015.

Stay safe out there people! Continue reading

Driving Tips for a Harsh New Jersey Winter

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New Jersey winters can be brutal. Especially if your car is not prepared for icy weather.

This past weekend I drove for 35 minutes in a snowstorm and saw at least a dozen accidents.

Luckily I was able to take my time and go slowly without getting in one myself.

After my experience I felt that NJ Car Coupon needed to share some new tips on how to prep your own car for a harsh NJ winter.

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